Thursday, 15 December 2011

Corinne Bailey Rae - Put Your Records On

剛剛好 just fine




It turns out that two is a bit too much for me.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Ingrid Michaelson - Oh What A Day (Lyrics)

Oh how I miss you, Ingrid.

And a bunch of acoustic indie pop on lastfm as well. The Lastfm days somehow stand for the good old days in London--the one and only goal of my life was to complete my dissertation. Hateful, yet single-minded and so absorbed.

Life's so complicated and troubled and uncertained after graduated.

Monday, 1 August 2011







'We've never left.'




49 days have not yet pass after she left. That's a folklore belief of the timing that the dead left this world. I wonder where she is now, constantly. My life goes back to normal rather fast, as if there's no time for grieving, no need for hesitation or any heartbreaking statement. I felt sad from time to time. All of us do.

It's probably because of the normality of everyday life that make us sad.

We talked about her, sometimes. I guess that the way she lives. 'We've never left. We're always here, in your mind.'

Cliche, but it explains a lot.

When I thought of her, most of the time I felt sad and then confused by my own sorrow. I wonder if it was grief of 'she's not here anymore', or simply self pity of being deserted. It remains unanswered for quite a while.

She was in my dream once. All I remember after I woke up is her weak smile. She's sitting in a chair with everyone. She's there, right there. And this fact, though lasting for a really short moment, makes me feel secure. As if she's never left.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011





Chang (1985-2011)






Monday, 18 July 2011

How to tell if your cat attempts to murder you?

1. giving you a massage (it's actually to examine the weakness of your organs)
2. after using the litter tray, it messes all over (he's practicing how to properly BURY YOUR BODY)
3. eye contact: don't try to avoid looking at him in the eye, it's a sign of loser, meaning he'll attack you right after that
4. bring you dead animal: that's a WARNING, not a gift
5. plucking the grass: through the painful ritual of purification, he's preparing himself the battle against you
(to be continued)

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

挪威的森林 Norwegian Wood

Reading Haruki Murakami's works, I'd say, is more like a fashion rather than pure enjoyment of literature. This fact has remained unchanged for years. After its debut in the 90s, 20 years have gone by, and his name and works somehow generalised into a symbol, once of the rebel generation, and then turning into taste related to sort of elite bohemian lifestyle, finally popularised into a NAME that stands for light and pointless sentiment. You read it, then you write like him, and eventually you live like it. That's sort of devastating.

I guess that's why I wasn't that interested in it years ago after reading a few pages of one of his short novels.
Until weeks ago, a friend of mine describe how the novel touches his heart. A short and simple sentence on the book jacket caught my eyes:

"Death is not the opposite of life, but a part of it." 

That's enough for me to grab the book and spend entire Saturday afternoon and another Sunday night on it. I've been confused and disturbed weeks after my ant's death. When she was in the hospital, treated for cancer, and her family was told it was the terminal stage months ago, I had never thought things would get worse so fast. I did not expect anything so strong, so emotional, so uncontrollable like this. Death.

I need answers and probably someone who understands. The later is easier. I found warmth in Haruki's indifferent coldness, like a cup of cocoa in a snowy winter day, giving you quick warm-up though it doesn't change anything at all.

Haruki once said some readers reckon it disappointing when they found out that it was actually 'just a love story'. Some other suggest it was actually a self-portrayed novel.

I find the detachment and penetrating tone is somehow soothing nonetheless. It simply tells a story of a life, though particular and peculiar, stolid and quietly depressed, yet its sentiment and sensation overwhelm.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - "The Body"

The body

Come on now stop staring at the ceiling
Your last daydream is slowly unreeling
Won’t you come out tonight, like I know you want to
cuz the city’s alive and even though it haunts you, I want you

To tell me again what the body’s for
cuz I can’t feel it anymore
I want to hurt like it did before
We shouldn’t sin

Tell me again what the body’s for
cuz I can’t feel it anymore
I lost mine and I need yours,
It’s only skin, we could swim

You try so hard to keep it together,
and you look so hard in fishnets and leather
But I know who you are, you are just a lost saint
And if we go too far, there’ll be heaven to pay
and what a price…

I can’t feel it anymore, tell me again what the body’s for
I can’t feel it anymore, tell me again it’s only skin, we should swim


Friday, 1 July 2011

I don’t wanna be ok

‘It’s alright to be not ok.’

Tizzy Bac - 俄羅斯輪盤 MV (by tizzybacvideo)
作曲:Tizzy Bac

I don’t wanna be ok 所以離我遠一點
早就知道不應該 偏要痛了才學乖

以為真心擁有過 常常都只是搞錯
賭上真實的自我 自己造孽自己受

如果忘了你是誰 也許比較好一點
美夢清醒的瞬間 只剩下 我的心碎 和你的狼狽

會痛 沒什麼 這點苦我還能夠
落單 沒什麼 好過找錯人寄託

I don’t wanna be ok 不能就只是ok
美好往事多可愛 壞掉的就隨風散

以為真心擁有過 常常都只是搞錯
賭上真實的自我 自己造孽自己受

如果可以都不算 也不曾有你的陪伴
是否就能夠避開 這尷尬的殘酷毀滅 也不用妥協
畢竟錯加錯 不會變成對

賤事 我很多 這點苦不算什麼
落單 沒什麼 好過找錯人寄託

愛過 沒有錯 我為人人沒什麼
只是我現在覺得不公平( hey hey hey !)
滯銷 沒什麼 好過送錯人寄託

不屬於的時候 該放手的就放手
只是我現在 只是我現在 只是我現在

I don’t wanna be ok 所以離我遠一點

Thursday, 30 June 2011

陳珊妮 - 來不及


來不及送你一程 來不及問你什麼算永恆 甚至來不及哭出聲
來不及陪你一陣 來不及送你一程 來不及為你盡點責任
你的皮膚都穿鬆了 來不及為你抹點粉
過期雜誌上登著 太多早逝青春
路人的嘴裡 全是對別人生命的揣測
我就是 來不及 說一聲
我就是 來不及送你
我就是 來不及
說一聲 我愛你
我就是來不及送你 來不及為你唱首情歌
我就是 來不及 說一聲 我愛你

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Over the way

Just found the beautiful song by Europa Huang in a friend's shop. I was back from Taichung, unpacked the luggage, did the 3-days laundry and cleaning. It was a sunny Monday off work afternoon and I was in a perfect good mood for anything. Felt hungry for the homemade pizza near the uni so I hopped on my motorcycle, rode 10 minutes to get my favourite vegetarian flavour and dropped by a dear friend's little store next to it. We shared pizza, our lives and 

And I found this beautiful track, absolutely brilliant for the afternoon.

Over the way
Lyrics and Music by Europa Huang  

The sunshine's come, the flowers dance along the river, the mountain.
It's cold in the stream, I jump in and swim, being a dreamer, saying nothing in words.

Approaching to a child, ignoring the crowd.
I hear my heart beat, it's so real.
Nameless song, I've sung it over the way.

And maybe I'll be alone to be on the tramp with the moon.
So you empty the roads leading the craft for truth.

Yai yai yai ya

'Cause I don't have wings to fly so freely like birds in the sky.
I'll have to let go of mind to soar in the wind and smile.

Approaching to a child, ignoring the crowd.
I hear my heart beat, it's so real.




只好放空思想,微笑 在風中翱翔

Monday, 30 May 2011

Might as well

I've been thinking if to be a librarian or a concierge of an apartment, as the one in Le Herisson. 
Deep down, I am fully aware that being a historian, or more likely a history scholar, is not the only option.

Discoveries broadcast an episode on Religion and Science last Saturday night. A doctor with physics PhD became a surfer in Hawaii, for years he continues his studies on the perfect formula or module to explain everything, that the universe. And he did succeed. Among all the scientists and scholars, he's the only one who is not a professor. Yet that's just another way to do things you think you've got to do in your life.

Choices are alway out there.
step into the academia and be a historian.

Simple Simon 阿蒙正傳

Ang Lee once said, 'Deep down, there's a Brokeback Mountain in everyone's heart.' I would say it's the same that, in every relationship, 'there lives a Simple Simon'.

The story is simple as it is: Simon is an autism patient who lives with his brother Sam and Sam's girlfriend Frida. After Jennifer broke up with Sam and moved out and he then decided to find a new girl for his brother.

To Simon, love is science, and obvious it could be as simple as a beautiful formula. So he made a list to find a girl qualified as Sam's girlfriend.

In a sense, Simple Simon stands for anyone's fastidiousness for love. Simon is just an extreme example.

Let's just say everyone is looking for the right one and sometimes we know exactly what we wanted, yet most of the time we don't. Still, we managed to highlight something in particular. When things are not the way we wanted, some of us just restrain ourself 
ourselves from falling in love by finding all kinds of excuses: 'my ideal type is a long hair blonde; obviously she's not',  'it'd be wonderful if he could talk less', 'she'd be the one if she's more caring', 'I don't date computer geek' and so on so forth.

When ideas like these came out, yes, you're officially in love, whether you like it or not.

In the end, you'll face it, as Simon did. Love just doesn't work the way we planned.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

the blogger Yi

I run the interesting online text cloud to analyse my blog and the data visualize into the beautiful picture like this.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Someone like you

Dear friend,

How are you?

It's so hard to start the letter without any news from you more than 1 year. Sorry that I didn't keep in touch, as you expected. Please understand that I keep it this way to prevent any further unnecessary emotion, doubt and probing.

I hope you're going well, with all my heart. I'm having a rather better life and I wish you the same.

your friend


Dear friend,





(probably not so) Sincerely Yours,

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Taiwan and his neighbors: Mainland China, Japan and Korea

A friend (Taiwanese, 29, male) of mine identifies with Japan and contempt for China to the extent that I find it incomprehensible and almost unusual. Then I had the second thought. This could somehow derives from my deliberate detachment to the island. The attachment to Japan and other understandable or incomprehensible phobia to other countries somehow are common among Taiwan people for decades, and for reasons.

My friends is a engineer, taking Japanese language courses and LOVE Sony Ericsson and anything of Japanese brand and label. Accordingly, as an Android smartphone lover, Sony is his first choice. Therefore he seems to have different standards about his theory on buying new technology stuff when the new thingie is made in Japan.

I was sort of surprised by his reaction, and made fun of him: 'You Japanese!' And his reply was even more startled.

'Thank you. I take that as a compliment.' 

Another thing is that we had a conversation about online social networks, such as Facebook and twitter, and how to use them to promote one's own products or ideas. Then I asked him if he had any idea how the Weibo (China's facebook or twitter and has billions of users) works. He simply replied with despise: 

'That Fake Twitter? I don't care. It's just a local network.'

How could you suggest a website with over1 billion users as a local social network? I started to rethink what I've seen and experience about people's attitudes and stereotypes of other nations during the recent 5 years. 

When I was studying in London, my flatmate, a Korean girl, once asked me with curiosity and discouragement, 'why is Taiwanese dislike South Korea? Did we do anything to upset you?'

Many of my Taiwanese friend in London shared the hostility towards people from China (not including HK and Macaw). 'They acted as your friends and became your enemies for interest.' 'I can't stand their sanitary condition.' 'Avoid talking politics, no matter how close you are.'

After the 311 devastating earthquake in Japan, Taiwan has been listed as the top one donor of all countries and is very proud of being 'a close and trustworthy friend of Japan'.

Let's review some simple facts of East Asia:

Taiwan, aka Republic of China, is a troubled nation state because it was colonised and modernised by Japan in the early 20th century and then taken over by the KMT government in exile from mainland China. 
Japan no doubt set a successful sample as the first modernised culture and economically developed country in East Asia. 
Both Taiwan and South Korea had been colonised by Japanese for more than 50 years.
South Korea has raised as a 'second Japan in Asia', showing the world that they're financially capable of change the world economy, with Samsung and LG.
As to the entertainment and show business, Japan has no doubt been the leader for years until South Korea endangered its status recently. But I reckon this should be discussed independently.*

Taiwan has rather intriguing and perplexing attitudes towards and relation with its neighbors, in many ways. It's not as politically powerful as China, not as financially influential as Japan, and not as ethnically proud as South Korea. The Taiwanese embrace Japan, and justify it with its postwar years ruled by the corrupted KMT government. Their education taught them that they are the legacy of Chinese culture, the real, authentic, not contaminated by the Communists. However, the recent years Taiwan seem not to be accepted as a real Chinese and constantly suffered from PRC's political prosecution and diplomatic boycott on its entrance into UN, WTO and other international organisation. It seems that either politically or culturally, Taiwan is not China, and they don't want to be just part of the communist nation. Because they're better, in the light of modernisation.

And speaking of the most modernised country in East Asia, Taiwan love Japan. Most Taiwanese, young or old, male or female, have a overwhelmingly positive impression on Japan, including its brand, technology, products, fashion, people, almost everything. People simply trust everything (and everyone) 'Made in Japan'. On the other hand, Taiwan has a rather suspicious attitude towards the burgeoning country and everything related to it. Further, it's likely that they hate China yet are not capable of doing anything against him, so we somehow swift our hostility from mighty China towards the 'once parallel (both politically and financially)' country--South Korea. For one thing, they replaced Taiwan's status in high-tech industry. For another, South Koreans share similarities on national pride, especially about sports.In other words, we can do nothing about China's bullying, but we can make South Korea an outlet for our unconscious our umbrage. For example, made-up news about how South Koreans government claims that Confucius is actually Korean, not Chinese.

* Japanese soap opera series, music and alike, along with its culture, are popular among mainland China, Taiwan and South Korea. It's rather interesting to see that most people listen to Japanese music, get crazy for the Japanese pop stars without speaking or reading Japanese. The same pattern applied to the South Korean show business culture of present days.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Dear friend

Witty words on a postcard, from a friend's friend:

We didn't come here to fit in.
We came here to be who we are.

We didn't come here to work.
We came here to live our dreams.

We didn't come here for the stuff.
We came here to love each other.

We didn't come here by accident.
We each came here with a purpose
that is uniquely our own.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Kings Of Convenience from Norway

Oh they're amazing! I feel I can get away with them. Let's hit on the road.

Monday, 2 May 2011

Her Morning Elegance by Oren Lavie

Her Morning Elegance   晨間優雅
Sun been down for days            出了好幾天的太陽
A pretty flower in a vase              瓶子裡美麗的花
A slipper by the fireplace            暖爐邊的拖鞋
A cello lying in its case               大提琴還躺在盒子裡
Soon she’s down the stairs                           輕快地她下了樓
Her morning elegance she wears               披上了晨間的優雅
The sound of water makes her dream        熱呼呼的蒸汽混雜著
Awoken by a cloud of steam                          水聲吵醒了她的夢
She pours a daydream in a cup                   她把白日夢倒進了杯子裡
A spoon of sugar sweetens up                    甜一點再一匙糖
And She fights for her life                         然後她穿上外套
As she puts on her coat                           為生活而戰
And she fights for her life on the train    在地鐵上為生活而戰
She looks at the rain                                 當大雨傾盆時
As it pours                                                   她望著雨
And she fights for her life                         她走進了店裡
As she goes in a store                             為生活而戰
With a thought she has caught               突然靈光一閃
By a thread                                                  有個想法
She pays for the bread                             她付了麵包錢
And She goes…                                        就離開了
Nobody knows                                          沒有人知道
Sun been down for days                                出了好幾天的太陽
A winter melody she plays                            她卻彈奏著冬天的曲子
The thunder makes her contemplate         轟隆雷聲讓她沈思了起來
She hears a noise behind the gate            她聽見大門後有些聲響
Perhaps a letter with a dove                        也許是鴿子捎來的信
Perhaps a stranger she could love            也許是個可以談場戀愛的 陌生人
And She fights for her life                         然後她穿上外套
(As she puts on her coat)                         為生活而戰
And she fights for her life on the train    在地鐵上為生活而戰
She looks at the rain                                 當大雨傾盆時
As it pours                                                   她望著雨
And she fights for her life                         然後為生活而戰
Where people are pleasently strange  這裡的人都親切的奇異
And counting the change                         算好了零錢
And She goes…                                        然後她就離開了
Nobody knows                                           沒有人知道
I found the song in many blogs in Chinese (and with translation as well) with surprise. For many this is a lovely bright tune with its simple lyrics and creative video and brisk melody, I find it sad nonetheless.  

How to build a lasting relationship?

It's a simple yet so easily forgotten truth.

Friday, 29 April 2011

the Royal Wedding

Queen Elisabeth II and Prince Philip 

To a non-European foreigner like myself, Royal family is mysterious and fascinating. 

Chinese royal family was overthrown and beheaded with the dynasty a century ago. Republic of China was built and then was then replaced by Mao's People's Republic of China. For decades, the exiled royal family of Manchu people had been a forbidden issue and power balance among various ethnicity was one of the chief reason for the modern turbulence. 

Taiwan is still having a hard time establish its international status as a nation-state. To the Chinese people, royal family has somehow became a western fantasy or fairy tale, especially for European countries.

What does the British Royal family mean to the British? The answer definitely changes over time. But the meaning of wedding, royal or civilian, symbolise beauty, love and hope for new generation. That's eternal.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

The stunning works of Alex Gross

Alex Gross's official site:

Alex Gross is a New York based visual artist working in LA and California. His works are beyond description at the first sight. I picked three, trying to summarize the elements of his works: communication, technology (of communication), commercial advertising, branding, religion and secularisation, the incongruity of East meet West, along with the brilliant application of symbols.

Overall, conflict and incompatibility is the theme and what makes his works so emotional and expressional and informational. And these delicately the uncertainty and insecurity and absurdity modern world.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Those beautiful photos- Jamie Beck

These are the photos by a New York based photographer Jamie Beck, whose features are 'animate photos' (I'm not sure if it's the proper name, I love them whatsoever), created with just like those on the newspaper in Harry Pottery's magic world.

He does fashion, street naps, travel, lifestyle as well as several other type of photography, most known for the series of

His blog: (I can't help but stare every singe photo, expecting any tiny move within.)

I love his dreamy, romantic, bubble like and a bit of retro classy aura in particular. Brilliant!

Are we there yet?

amazing pictures by Jamie Beck,
it reminds me of every birthday wish, and how we become

I just got a phone call from a dear college friend Megan who is deeply troubled after the blind date last weekend.

How is that disturbing? Everything starts from comparison. Your world and others' world, which are often much more fantastic and splashy.

A couple of friends arranged a so-called blind date for their friends, three single guys and three single ladies. I've never really had a blind date or anything like that before (yeah I had 5 years dull college life), so I required a full report on that, oh, I simply care if there would be a Mr. Right for Megan. So I heard her talking about it last Sat, when she started to feel the difference of lifestyle and careers of others.  It looks like she had a great time meeting new friends around our age. And she found her new friends' backgrounds are surprisingly impressive. She was quite alright when she talked about it with me at first, 'It's just a matter of choice. That's their lives, not necessary mine.' Two days later, she called me, officially acknowledged how unsettling she felt after the gathering.

According to her, 5 out of 6 works as engineers in high-tech companies in Taipei city, which means they're labeled as 'new high-tech nobles'*. Megan, however, works in a bicycle company in a remote county ZhangHua, where is remote from the capital and thus far away from a colourful life. This, in the first place, made her 'not in the loop' to share their life and work experience. Also, she surprised that all the guys had studied overseas (which means they grew up in financially sufficient families. They seem to be nice, friendly, funny and sociable, unlike other stereotyped geeky engineers. All in all, it looks like it's favourable for any young lady to find a husband.

Megan felt panic after two days, along with her prevailing  unconfidance of her job and life and, eventually, everything.

Why does everyone seems to be know what they should go after? Am I still warming up while others are already in the game? Is this what I really want? Should I settle down with it? Am I eligible for a better life?

Are we there yet, by Ingrid Michaelson

Many friends of mine sometime or another, feel the same way. So do I. I am a petty assistant working in a university. I got the constant feeling of being stuck in the stage, unchanged and tiring life, doing pointless chores to fit in the uni bureaucracy. And it would probably last for a year or two.

That's terrifying.

But the dread would be much more overwhelming when I am aware that I might gradually be content with it and feel comfortably numb to things that I used to despise. If I stay where I am, it'd be giving up on a possible future. If I chose not to continue to the next stage, I might have to take the risk of loosing what I've adjusted so well and face the challenge that I might not be able to survive. Either way, it's a gamble, for success. So we keep asking the same question: are we there yet?

Unnerving mid-twenties.

I love the quote from the CBS TV series Good Wife, when the lawyer Alicia's client asked her with anxiety, 'Are we gonna win?' She simply replied,
'We're gonna fight.'
It is a simple and universal truth that human beings never know what lies ahead, nevertheless, we try everything we could to live up to our dream, to make ends meet, to lead the life we wish for, and, to do the right things. That's the value of life, isn't it?

I say let's go for it. In our bright, promising mid twenties. Bring it on!

*It's a widely used term describing Taiwanese stereotype of people who work in technology companies. They are 'new' because they work in the new industry of high-tech, in stead of the traditional industry. And they have higher salary and benefit such as being company shareholders.Overall it  is a bit different from those in the western world: the engineers might as well be nerdy, geeky, however, they're well-paid, satisfying titles, high standard living style, and most important of all, they afford to invest real estate, good card and houses. Anyway, there would be definitely a WOW look on everyone's face once they know you're a engineer or works for a tech company.

Monday, 25 April 2011


Sunshine and spring breeze and blossom. This is no doubt a great season for a short break!

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Monday, 18 April 2011

Let's call it a day. 2011 Gorden Horse Fantastic Film Festival

It was a gloomy raining day when I got off the train from Taichung city to Xinzhu, after less than 24 hours stay in Taichung with my family. Nonetheless I headed to the venue of the Gorden Horse Fantastic Film Fest, watched two good movies, made the perfect end of the Fantastic fest.

A Night in Nude: Salvation,
a way too long pron
裸體救贖 A Night in Nude: Salvation, 2010, Japan

It's nothing but another long made-in-Japan pornography. It's too long and pointless (yes they omitted the love making scene) as a pron, yet it's too erotic as an art.  It's not fantastic and not even close to a thriller. The chopping body scene at the beginning is just bluffing, and the rest of the film satisfies any man's deep-down fantasy.

交響情人夢裡的怪老頭竹中直人在這裡面根本就是個隱藏為好人的變態大叔。I don't like it.

A Lier and a Broken Girl,

說謊的男孩與壞掉的女孩 A Lier and a Broken Girl, 2010, Japan

A lier boy and a broken girl together made up this lovely yet dark love story. This is an unusual love story of a girl who suffered from the kidnapping nightmare in her childhood and thus became unable to behave emotionally normal and a boy who was the company when she was kidnapped and afflicted every night and then became to tell white lies in order to comfort her.

It has a lovely and fantastic aura, constantly cheerful music (as if those electronic sound effect in video games) and brightly romantic scenery as the beautiful young couple going out for a date, yet it in fact unveiling a scandalous past.

Strictly Ballroom,
 舞國英雄 Strictly Ballroom, 1992, USA

This one is a surprise to me. I suppose it's the very first typical 'dance movie' of Hollywood! It has every element of a good dance movie: great music with new dance move, beautiful leading actor and actress, melting the traditional ballroom dance with Latino flavour of Paso Doble. And it even has a 'pretty woman' like plot of the handsome guy falling love with the ordinary girl. No wonder it caused a sensation in 1992!

寶萊塢之爆裂警官 Dabangg, 2010, India


Bollywood has never let me down, and Babangg certainly is one of the classics. Babangg represent the authentic Indian Boolywood style: MUSICAL- consistent  fancy dance move clips in the movie, ACTION- extremely exaggerating, showy and accordingly hilarious fighting scene along with muscular actors (a lot of sinewy guys), and ROMANCE- the affectionate  leading actor and actress, singing and dancing.

The best of all, its unrealistic plots and hilarious conversation and the ostentatious action move are so natural that it made the audience laugh! These are things that you've never seen either in Taiwanese nor in Hollywood movie.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Thank you Beer, Film fest and Rock'n'Roll

2010 was crazy year. I started my first job the very next day after landing in Taiwan. Translated a book from Chinese to English in 20 days. Quited the shitty job and left the maniac boss two months later.

Went to the 2010 Spring Scream and officially started this crazy year.

And the rest of the year was filled with gigs, films, restlessly meeting old friends, getting to know new ones. I spent many of the weekends with my family as well, which was something different from my university life in Taipei. And I fully enjoy it. It's truly relaxing when I'm with my family and old university friends. 

Two nights in night clubs. Several in bars chatting with dear friends. Some weekends with beloved family and some spending on 'getting along with myself'. 

This magnificent year somehow became the best days of my life ever. I feel like I started to live in a different way and think in a whole new light. Everything is worth trying and nothing is impossible. 

And the 2011 spring I made an end with the Spring Scream and Golden Horse Film Fest. I'm thankful to my brilliant research partners and great professors. They remind me of what lies ahead and it's time to move on.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

7th day
Bible says God created the world in 7 days, and now we see how human civilisation could be destroyed in 7 seconds, and torn down piece by piece.

As a close, both geographically or mentally, neighbor, we know how it feels when earthquake take place. It hurt a lot. The 921 earthquake. Yet this time it's even more disastrous than ever. With the following tsunami, nuclear blast and snow storming, we know not what it would become tomorrow, not any more. It's depressing I seem to be unable to do anything for you other than pray.

Be alright, be brave, hang in there, would you?

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Lady Daisy

Yes I need something (or someone) to light me up in a bloody gloomy day like this. And I don't even know the name of the breathtakingly beautiful lady until I read the blog Night Cat (yeah like the other fashion blog readers we read the pictures not the words or captions, and often we skip the titles) and google 'Lily Donaldson". A British supermodel.

This series Monsoon ad totally caught my eyes, with the greener grass, blooming flowers, cheerful sunshine and refreshing breeze. Hopefully the spring is on the way.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Miss Dior with Balloons

the 09's Miss Dior ad, still a classic!

I love this work! It makes my day every time I see it. As if I can taste the sweet scent from the cheerful girl. Lovely lovely.

Our royal friend the old movie theatres

Had another jolly weekend stuffed solidly with films. Thanks to Nanshan Theatre (湳山戲院) in Taipei, where offers 8 good films of great taste (the commercial Hollywood and some European) at a time at a low price (130 NTD, less than4 quid, and yes, 8 films), writing some comments about movies somehow became my weekly assignment.

So I did had a great time watching 5 on two weekends, I Am Love, Seasons of Witch, Paper Castle, The Next Three Days and one that I don't recall...Perhaps too much for 14 days. A weekend like this is truly satisfying.

Speaking of movie theatres, I personally prefer going to the theatre instead of downloading or watching online or DVDs from Blockbuster. I can't stand the lousy (and sometimes ridiculous) subtitle translation and I simply enjoy the atmosphere of sharing the emotional moment with some other. 

Yeah, Price is a thing. In Taiwan theatre like this sort is called 'Second Round', which means they're not as good as the chained theatres and play movies that are not the latest. It's the best choice for movie lovers or students who are unable to afford the pricey tickets (approximately equals to 2.5 McDonald meals). In this sense the sound effect might not be as good and the seats may be a bit shabby and without a place to put your cola and popcorn. Nonetheless, second round movie theatre remained quite popular in the past decades. Also, locations matter. Many situated around night markets or university campus. You can just spend the whole day in and out (yes you can go for a lunch nearby and get in for another movie later) with one ticket and a stamp on your left hand. Isn't it brilliant?

However theatres of this sort are closing down these days. The Big Century (大世紀), one of the memorable parts of my university life, was torn down years ago, for the builders' stupid expansion. I felt so nostalgia about it that I'd thought about placing some flowers on the site. I guess one of the reasons is  the whole economy development. People don't settle for 'acceptable', they want 'fine quality' if there's alternative. In other words, we'd rather pay more for better service or goods. It makes sense and it's probably a good thing. But the simple fact makes me wonder if Nanshan would be the last one stands, in Taipei. (So far there are 10 left in Taipei, and only 2 in downtown.)

Thanks to this lovely place, I find it utterly comfortable to go to the movies along and fully enjoy the afternoon hours of my own.

Jump Girl Jump

Found a unique photographer whose works focus on the moment of jumping (and her cat, from time to time), as if the time and space were frozen or solidified. I find Japan a rather interesting state and sometimes inconceivable people. I like them none the less.

Bad news keeps coming from Japan for more than a month. As well as touching stories in the disastrous days.

Fingers crossed for the kind people of this beautiful island. Jump, as if we could leave the sorrows behind.

Friday, 11 March 2011

500 Days of Summer

'This is not a love story. This is a story about love.'
Boy meets Girl. Boy falls in love.
Girl doesn't.

Joseph Gordon-LevittZooey Deschanel are definitely my favourite silver screen couple. I like the tempo and the costumes and the beautiful two certainly add a bit retro, vivid and classy flavour to the story. This is not another romance movie with a happy ending and happy couple deeply in love with each other. But it touches your heart, in a cheerful yet cruel way. 

The story is as simple as the tagline above truthfully says. Tom falls in love with Summer so deeply that he believes she's the one and they're made for each other. Summer likes Tom, however, she doesn't want anything serious. 

Tom: What happens if you fall in love?
Summer: Well, you don't believe that, do you?
Tom: It's love. It's not Santa Claus.

They date, have sex and she still think they're 'friends'. This totally drives Tom crazy. 

Summer: We're just friends. 
Tom: No! Don't pull that with me! Kissing in the copy room? Holding hands in IKEA? Shower sex? Come on! Friends my balls! 

the theme tune 'sweet disposition' by Temper Trap, absolutely lovely

How do you know if she/he is the right one? 

There are some still believe in love-at-the-first-sight and that butterflies in the stomach like Tom does. And there are another some down to earth and pragmatic Summer, enjoy love, being loved, rather than in a relationship. There's noting right or wrong about it. 

A couple of my girlfriends had a discussion about it. One believes in timing: right time, right place and the right one. Another says a relationship needs a trigger, such as an event which brings the two into a couple. Or, perhaps it's simply because you haven't met the right one, yet?

It's complicated as always. You need not reasons to fall in love or stay soberly clam detached. It's love. It doesn't make sense.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

So cliche so desperate

Leap year is an old-fashioned narrative of romance : American woman in pursuit of love, an ideal proposal from her boyfriend (a pragmatic businessman, typical American) and an Irish guy who hates wedding and commitment and all sort of bullshit.

It's so cliche that you need not to expect any surprise, it has everything essential in all the classic romantic movies, such as the quarrels (often on the basis of despising each others' belief in love), affectionate gaze, an unexpected yet forced-by-the-crowd kissing scene and that kind of stuff.

Eventually they fall in love. And thus followed by proposal and marriage.

Without a doubt that's a happy ending that everyone long for, sometimes very desperately. So, honestly I'm among one of the audience, from the button of my heart, still feels touched by the cliche wedding vow:

May you never steal, lie, or cheat, 
but if you must steal, then steal away my sorrows, 
and if you must lie, lie with me all the nights of my life, 
and if you must cheat, then please cheat death 
because I couldn't live a day without you.

and the happy ending, off course.

Cheers, dear all.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Thank you dear all



買你 Buy yours

作詞:魏如萱 作曲:魏如萱

你總是說 我想回家 然後轉身 淡淡的笑  你總是說 好累好忙 什麼時候 我們可以聊一聊

you always say that I'm going home, and then turn, with a weak smile
you always say that I'm buzzy and exhausted 
When could we have a chitchat

 ㄟ 可不可以買你的不快樂
Hey can I buy your unhappiness

只是想陪你吃飯 看你笑笑 聽你最近 好不好

Just wanna dine with you, see your smile, know if you're doing good

ㄟ 可不可以買你的不快樂

Hey can I buy your unhappiness

我們一起坐車 一起散步 一起看電影 好不好
Shall we take the bus, go for a walk, or a movie, together?

你都不說 都不理我 然後轉身 淡淡的笑  你總問我 你還好嗎 什麼時候 我們可以變更好

You didn't answer. You said nothing. And you turned with a smile.
You always ask that, when could we be more than friend?

ㄟ 可不可以買你一個鐘頭 只是想關心你呀 要你知道 還有我在 好不好

Hey can I buy you an hour? Just wanna let you know that I care
Just wanna let you know that I'll be there for you

ㄟ 可不可以買你的不快樂我們一起唱歌 一起牽手 一起聽音樂

Hey can I buy your unhappiness
Shall we sing, hand in hand, to the music, together?

ㄟ 可不可以買你一個鐘頭 只是想關心你呀 要你知道 還有我在 好不好ㄟ

 可不可以買你的不快樂我們一起唱歌 一起牽手 一起聽音樂 好不好

把你的 不快樂 賣給我 然後抱一下 好不好

Sell your unhappiness to me, and have a hug, shall we?


Friday, 4 March 2011

don't make me

Dear Mr. Colleague,

I don't give a shit about what you actually do during work, please do your job in time.

a simple fact

So true. Isn't it?

Picture from: VARNISH

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Castillos de cartón, love for three, sex for all

'paper castles' in English,
It's a story of the threesome, love, sex and friendship, art, philosophy and inspiration. The art student Jose (the beautiful girl), Jaimie (a talented art student) and Marcos (good-looking, Mr. Charming) started this unusual relationship after Jaimie found Jose fancies Marcos and then set up the threesome sex.

Marcos was impotent. Jose was frigid, feeling confused and embarrassed about their relations. But eventually Jaimie persuaded her to join the game, purely for lust. Gradually they found themselves are not merely sex partners, they're reliant upon each other in every way. They're the best friends in class, the best partners in bed, and passionately sympathetic to each other as artists.

How would ordinary people like us ever understand a threesome relationship of sex and love? Probably never will. But that doesn't matter at all. We feel the confusion, desire, solicitude, betrayal, rebellion and all sorts of uneasy, unsettling sensation. These do not necessarily come from threesome sex, they're universal. Salvador Garcia Ruiz the director does not even try to reason with his audience whether it's right or wrong. He simply paints a beautiful work and let your emotion lead you wherever it goes.

Three, is a magical number here. Three create an unbreakable structure which made one seems lonely and two appeared to be unbalanced. The three thus are interdependent and indivisible. Threesome consummates.

The three sitting, lying on the bed, standing in front of the canvas in the class, naked in the shower, entering the hallway of Jose's house (metaphor of vagina). All the scenes are perfectly balanced with the threesome, while the relationship inevitably generates a unstable tension as well as reliance among them.

The film no doubt is an art: the flow, the colour, the layout. Brilliant!

Honestly I've never seen any film with so many erotic scene yet does not seem to be pornographic at all. I'd say it's picturesque. Well painted.

It's breathtakingly beautiful.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011


I'm doing the project budget right now and the number's driving me crazy. Puff. That's why I study history.

Adéu, Barcelona!

a way to farewell the city you love, hmmm

A English girl I met in Hualian once said that she's glad that London didn't keep me off the UK. Well, he probably not as lovely, cheerful, sunny as Barcelona, a bit morbid, quirky, sort of old-school, to be honest. Still, I love him and long for another journey with him.


This is a photo taken near Great Dover Street, Elephants and Castles, London. Two years ago.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

The three-day weekend

Dear Friend,

It could be quite easy to sum up this three-day holiday weekend. Satisfying and consequently depressing.

Had a birthday party Friday night, hangover Saturday morning, a Sunday invigilation, earned 3000, an extra morning to sleep late and spent the rest with movies, lots of movies.

I feel unconsciously happy in the birthday party and so touched by everything you've done for me. Lots of old friends and new ones coming, the cake, hugs and kisses, gifts and cards, drinking and dancing. I was surrounded by friends, at bar or in the club. Strangely I felt sad after the bash.

The following three days I felt a great deal of selfish solicitude for my conscious solitariness. It could be the overwhelming happiness that came over me, so consummate that it consumed the residual warmth.

You mentioned the postcards I sent when traveling alone. "Table for one, please'. Hopefully it would probably become a fashion. Dining alone, drinking alone, dancing alone. Traveling alone in this sense would not be so antisocial.

We're single, proudly and with dignity.

I listened 11 times of Matthew Perryman Jones's "Amelia".


 Amazing photos taken by Chrostian Stoll

The world we're living is changing in an unimaginable way, physically speaking. So is art, culture, literature, and many things that we used to take for granted. I see a senselessness derived from the high reliance on technology and the comfortable numb with convenience of modern metropolitan life from Stoll's work. As if we're safe and satisfying living in a gigantic machinery. 

How clam, how cruel, how callous. And so true.


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