Thursday, 30 June 2011

陳珊妮 - 來不及


來不及送你一程 來不及問你什麼算永恆 甚至來不及哭出聲
來不及陪你一陣 來不及送你一程 來不及為你盡點責任
你的皮膚都穿鬆了 來不及為你抹點粉
過期雜誌上登著 太多早逝青春
路人的嘴裡 全是對別人生命的揣測
我就是 來不及 說一聲
我就是 來不及送你
我就是 來不及
說一聲 我愛你
我就是來不及送你 來不及為你唱首情歌
我就是 來不及 說一聲 我愛你

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Over the way

Just found the beautiful song by Europa Huang in a friend's shop. I was back from Taichung, unpacked the luggage, did the 3-days laundry and cleaning. It was a sunny Monday off work afternoon and I was in a perfect good mood for anything. Felt hungry for the homemade pizza near the uni so I hopped on my motorcycle, rode 10 minutes to get my favourite vegetarian flavour and dropped by a dear friend's little store next to it. We shared pizza, our lives and 

And I found this beautiful track, absolutely brilliant for the afternoon.

Over the way
Lyrics and Music by Europa Huang  

The sunshine's come, the flowers dance along the river, the mountain.
It's cold in the stream, I jump in and swim, being a dreamer, saying nothing in words.

Approaching to a child, ignoring the crowd.
I hear my heart beat, it's so real.
Nameless song, I've sung it over the way.

And maybe I'll be alone to be on the tramp with the moon.
So you empty the roads leading the craft for truth.

Yai yai yai ya

'Cause I don't have wings to fly so freely like birds in the sky.
I'll have to let go of mind to soar in the wind and smile.

Approaching to a child, ignoring the crowd.
I hear my heart beat, it's so real.




只好放空思想,微笑 在風中翱翔


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