Friday, 22 February 2013

House of Cards (2013-)

I've never written anything about American TV series before despite I've watched a lot (maybe too many to name it). This one is different. It blows my mind away. Brilliant. I think everyone should watch it.

Many of the series I've watched are about crimes or murder cases, such as CSI, Mentalist, NCIS, Castle and so on. I watched it for two main reasons: Kevin Spacey and the adaptation from BBC. Those two basically guarantee the quality. I've always been curious about parliamentary stuff. I didn't expect anything before I watched it and it struck me in many ways with regard to the nature and reality of politics.

It says a stories about a mastermind politician Francis Underwood and his game of power. It's always an enjoyment to watch how he plotted his delicate scheme and pull the strings to work magic. Politics is not about governance of a country, it's all about power. Yes it's a society of democracy and everyone have his or her say, but if you believe in everyone's part of the game? Think again.

People were used to be ruled by kings and queens and aristocracy centuries ago and many believe that revolutions, wars and reforms of bills have changed the rules of the game and we can finally have the right back. But the truth is, we remained ruled by the few, those who know the rule and play it well.

So you could see how Francis plays, his sophistry, his tricks, and how he juggles and controls everyone and everything. It's a bit sad, to be honest, when thinking of the fact that the ideal and faith every politician actually worth nothing in the face of power struggling. The desire to win and the ambition to take control prevail.

I'm curious what it leads us next.







Steve Jobs最有名的大概是那句 Stay foolish, stay hungry. 這真的很難。
Stay foolish才不是裝笨裝傻裝無知,而是根本的承認自己很無知,自知而自制。這很難。難在每個人都有自尊和傲氣,那是我們卑微生存在世界上的一點理由,就算放棄了自尊和傲氣去承認無知的事實,還得約束自己不因為無知的自卑去侵害他人,刻意的或下意識的,更是難上加難。








舉個例子來說,我喜歡聽國外的indie pop類型的音樂,一件很普通沒什麼大不了的事,因為台灣音樂選擇並沒有很多,對音樂的喜好通常也很容易跨越國界,好聽就聽,不喜歡就轉台找喜歡的,簡單明瞭。independent popular music其實也算是在流行樂以外的大眾選擇,我很喜歡Ingrid Michaelson就像許多人喜歡陳綺貞一樣,並不算是一個太特殊的選擇。但很這種不太特殊的選擇在這個島上經常地可能被解讀為特立獨行,因為比較少被聽過。





不過從一開始我就懶得解釋我用macbook、喜歡皮革制書包、聽indie pop的理由。





Labels are our sins.
I've been thinking to write something about how I hate labeling. It started when a close friend call me a 'Wen-yi (literature and art) Qin-nien (youth)', which should be translated into something like 'youth of art', meaning younger people who live a certain lifestyle of taste. I don't know if there's a counterpart in English. Some suggested the term 'dilettantes', but I don't think many of those give a shit about arts.

It's a rather negative label in the Chinese-speaking world for its implying a pretentious, sometimes ostentatious, lifestyle. People make so many sarcastic remarks that a list of 'the essential element of a Wen-yi Qin-nien', such as wearing a pair of nerdy glasses, furnishing their place with IKEA or MUJI house ware, listening to English Rock or independent music, speaking French or Spanish, reading Haruki Murakami, watching European movies, photographing with lomo cameras, such and such.

Being a Wen-yi Qin-nien is nothing special in my opinion. But the fact that people in this island have accumulated so many complicated feelings about the term suggests their own fear for difference. This is an island intolerant for difference and with no respect for individualism. I'd say it because that is how I feel when my friends put label on me and made comments about the way I dress, the bag I use and the music I listen to regardless they've known me for years. Choices made different from the others do not necessarily mean to stand out. Even if they do, why should we feel uneasy about them or even critise them?

My point here is labeling is not categorising. These two look similar yet work in different logic. Categorizing is scientific and systematic in order to get the whole picture. Labeling is simplifying and judging without rethinking just to show that you know something.

To put a label on someone is probably the quickest way to build one's own understanding about him/her but doing this is entitled to the fact that one should realise his or her own ignorance.

The worse part is, sadly speaking, ignorant people tend to be arrogant as well. More often that not these kind of labeling comes with pure subjective personal judgments. That's what annoys me.

Feel free to label, but admit that you're ignorant and you know perfectly well that every single label you put on me does not stand for everything about me.






It used to be us against the world. But I wish you the best from a different world. 

Us Against the World
Oh morning come bursting the clouds, Amen.
Lift off this blindfold, let me see again.
And bring back the water, let your ships roll in, in my heart, she left a hole.

The tightrope that I'm walking just sways and ties.
The devil, as he's talking, with those angel's eyes.
And I just wanna be there when the lightning strikes.
And the saints go marching in

And sing slow it down,
Through chaos as it swirls,
It's us against the world.

Like a river to a raindrop,
I lost a friend.
My drunken has a Daniel in a lion's den.
And tonight I know it all has to begin again,
So whatever you do,
Don't let go.

And if we could float away,
Fly up to the surface and just start again.
And lift off before trouble just erodes us in the rain
Just erodes us in the rain
Just erodes us and see roses in the rain

Sing slow it down
Slow it down

Through chaos as it swirls,
It's us against the world.
Through chaos as it swirls,
It's us against the world

Wednesday, 20 February 2013


帶我出門,用老派的方式約我,在我拒絕你兩次之後,第三次我會點頭。不要MSN敲我,不要臉書留言,禁止用What’s App臨時問我等下是否有空。我們要散步,要走很長很長的路。只有在散步的時候我們真正的談話,老派的談話。我們今晚因為相愛而懂得狡猾,老派的。


十年一課 A Decade

I've talked about my brother's trouble relationship with a girl with a close friend. My brother and I are close and he sees me as an advisor and share with me nearly everything in his life, even though I'm rather inexperience when it comes to relationships.

My brother has some qualities that, I'd say, make him a really nice guy to settle down with, such as responsible, caring, truthful and dutiful to family. Yet nobody's perfect. He's turned weak in the face of the girl he loves. And she's undecided.

My friend and I tried to analyzed it and provide solutions in many ways. We suggested him that perhaps they should take it slow and cool down a bit. Perhaps she needs timing to rethink your relationship and your role in it. blablabla...

But it turned out that he's known it very well. He tried, failed, pondered, compromised, got tired, and, helplessly fell in love again. There's seem to be nothing I could do other than listening.

'Do you wanna meet the girl? Perhaps you could get to know more about her.'

I have no intention to meet the girl or interfere anything. That's his life. That's something he has to go through. If it hurts and it takes him time to get over it, so be it.

Mine took me 10 years. A decade to learn to know myself. And love. That's just inevitable.











My family had our photo taken last November. That was nothing traditional, in terms of the Chang would usually do. My mom was rather reluctant when my sister Tiffany came up with the idea. But it all went well in the end.

2012 was a tough year for nearly all of us. The extended family had troubles relating to properties and a long time harmony among the relatives now looks hypocrite. Things became tricker now. I was not sure about how this lunar New Year would be like. Things are simply not the same any more.

My brother's work has ups and downs. My application was going very well. No specific idea for my proposal so far. My parents' business, thanks to the aftermath of 08's financial crisis, reclined in a way that they could have imagined. Tiff's happy in her new relationship with this Japanese guy she met in Canada, they're now in Australia doing the working holiday things yet she cannot deny the uncertainty  for them is so high that neither of them could be sure for nothing.

No one is sure what would come next. But we survive anyway. This photo somehow reminds us that we still have each other. Till the end of the world.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Celeste & Jesse Forever



I'm not one of those who would stay friendly and hand out with their ex after break-up. But Celeste reminded me of the reason we messed up with relationships: Sometimes we just wanna to get things right. Sometimes we hurt people but we tell ourselves that we're doing this for his or her own good. 
It's probably right to persist and fight for what you believe in. But that's not love. Truth is not Love. Love is not truth.
Truth is to fight no matter what and then bear the sins that follows. Do what you've got to do.
Love is compromise. You let something go and make things not so uncomfortable.
You've gotta take side.


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