Wednesday, 7 August 2013

wedding craze

Seriously I don't quite understand why so many brides spend so much time on planning their wedding that many of them even start blogging and sharing their experiences.

Later when I was preparing the GRE, I sort of get the idea: after you put so much efforts and time time on something you take seriously, the first thing you would like to do is simply tell everyone how much you've dedicated to it.

I was there when my best friend's wedding photos were taken. It's actually a exhausting tiring process to wear a wedding dress of layers and pose under the sun in the mid summer time. It took a whole day to complete. There are a photographer, a hairdresser (and makeup artist), an assistant (taking a large suitcase with loads of stuff including flowers and a bunch of coloured ballons) and a van driver. The van drove around the city to take wedding photos. It took at least 8 hrs to get everything done.

I suppose most of the brides (and sometimes grooms) around the world plan their own weddings in person. Indeed their are planning planners and companies of this sort, but the charge is generally high and most wedding couples think it would mean a lot if they actually are involve in their own wedding by organising every detail. Also, some think the wedding planners are for the riches. I supposed this could be the same in many other countries. Taking part in the planning from choosing dress to tasting cakes. Every couple want their wedding to be special and unique and the perfect.

That is also why, according to my friend, "wedding" is a magic word. Anything related to or used in wedding, its price could double or triple. After all, it's 'once and the only' and the most important moment in everyone's life.

I certainly know the cultural, social and even anthological meaning of a wedding. Still, it is pretty amazing how they could afford so much time and money when it comes to planning a wedding. I guess that also explains everyone (female in particular) usually remember their wedding in details.

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