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I am working as a social media planner at a marketing company.

First day of the job, it somehow reminds me of the first day at NTIO (I'm definitely gonna write something about it and then titled it as "Things I learnt from NTIO). The day started with secretary showing me the office and everything, signing the contract, filling all the forms and other paperwork. Everything's different here. I mean, the work, the size of company, the people you run into everyday, the nature of the work and, yes, everything!

It's not difficult to name the differences, however, it comes to me in a rather mixed way. I am saying goodbye to the old, layback days in unis and gov institute and setting one foot in the challenging, long working-hour career.

I thought the first day would be filled with orientation and meeting new people, but it turned out to be rather exhausting with new assignments, one after another. Those senior ones are in fact about 2 or 3 years younger than I am. I could deal with it, after all, I made my mind up to try something different, that's something I should have thought about. It's just that, I found myself in a new world which is in many ways speeded up a lot. Information exploded in my head along with the technical terms when I was learning new things. I lost track sometimes and I am learning to hide it.

There's something awesome about this place. I got the chance to attend a small meeting with a new independent news media founder, Mr. Chung, from the News Lens. That was really something. This guy is famous among the internet in Taiwan (surprisingly my supervisor didn't know that). I read loads of his articles and I love the content of News Lens. I wasn't aware that charismatic eloquent gentleman over there was Mr. Chung until I glanced at his biz card. Before that, I was charmed by his introduction of the development of News Lens and new media. And it was like "WOW"...... first of the job, what a beautiful surprise! I feel I am in the right place at the right company! Even working overtime on the very first day worth it!

p.s. I got an offer (PR) from another company yesterday. I apologised for taking another offer earlier in the phone call, and the lady who interviewed me asked me nicely to think it over and reply her in a day. I promised her that I would. But the truth is that I didn't even have the time to call and say no to her. Sorry.

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