Sunday, 28 October 2012

slowly turn

週日晚上坐在路邊吃著剛從台北火車站買來的水煎包,熱辣的我嘴唇發燙。來往的車水馬龍從左到右,衝向某一個或多個方向。owl city已經變成老歌的fireflies說有時候真的很難相信地球正在慢慢轉動。以每秒0.46公里的速度,每個人都在移動。而且還沒有聲音。creepy.





Wednesday, 17 October 2012


My sister's back from Canada, finally.

She was unpacking and sorting all the stuff in her closet. "Did you take away my Kate Moss perfume?'

"I did." I made a face, out of a tiny little bit of guilt that I took the liberty of using it while she's away.

"It smell good and sexy, doesn't it?" she seemed to be quite all right with what I've done. That's strange. We used to get into a tiff or miff every time we're in this kind of situation.

"I think it suits single lady perfectly",  she replied with a sweet smile. "Keep it. I don't need it anyway." .

Was I just patronised?


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