Monday, 30 May 2011

Might as well

I've been thinking if to be a librarian or a concierge of an apartment, as the one in Le Herisson. 
Deep down, I am fully aware that being a historian, or more likely a history scholar, is not the only option.

Discoveries broadcast an episode on Religion and Science last Saturday night. A doctor with physics PhD became a surfer in Hawaii, for years he continues his studies on the perfect formula or module to explain everything, that the universe. And he did succeed. Among all the scientists and scholars, he's the only one who is not a professor. Yet that's just another way to do things you think you've got to do in your life.

Choices are alway out there.
step into the academia and be a historian.

Simple Simon 阿蒙正傳

Ang Lee once said, 'Deep down, there's a Brokeback Mountain in everyone's heart.' I would say it's the same that, in every relationship, 'there lives a Simple Simon'.

The story is simple as it is: Simon is an autism patient who lives with his brother Sam and Sam's girlfriend Frida. After Jennifer broke up with Sam and moved out and he then decided to find a new girl for his brother.

To Simon, love is science, and obvious it could be as simple as a beautiful formula. So he made a list to find a girl qualified as Sam's girlfriend.

In a sense, Simple Simon stands for anyone's fastidiousness for love. Simon is just an extreme example.

Let's just say everyone is looking for the right one and sometimes we know exactly what we wanted, yet most of the time we don't. Still, we managed to highlight something in particular. When things are not the way we wanted, some of us just restrain ourself 
ourselves from falling in love by finding all kinds of excuses: 'my ideal type is a long hair blonde; obviously she's not',  'it'd be wonderful if he could talk less', 'she'd be the one if she's more caring', 'I don't date computer geek' and so on so forth.

When ideas like these came out, yes, you're officially in love, whether you like it or not.

In the end, you'll face it, as Simon did. Love just doesn't work the way we planned.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

the blogger Yi

I run the interesting online text cloud to analyse my blog and the data visualize into the beautiful picture like this.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Someone like you

Dear friend,

How are you?

It's so hard to start the letter without any news from you more than 1 year. Sorry that I didn't keep in touch, as you expected. Please understand that I keep it this way to prevent any further unnecessary emotion, doubt and probing.

I hope you're going well, with all my heart. I'm having a rather better life and I wish you the same.

your friend


Dear friend,





(probably not so) Sincerely Yours,

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Taiwan and his neighbors: Mainland China, Japan and Korea

A friend (Taiwanese, 29, male) of mine identifies with Japan and contempt for China to the extent that I find it incomprehensible and almost unusual. Then I had the second thought. This could somehow derives from my deliberate detachment to the island. The attachment to Japan and other understandable or incomprehensible phobia to other countries somehow are common among Taiwan people for decades, and for reasons.

My friends is a engineer, taking Japanese language courses and LOVE Sony Ericsson and anything of Japanese brand and label. Accordingly, as an Android smartphone lover, Sony is his first choice. Therefore he seems to have different standards about his theory on buying new technology stuff when the new thingie is made in Japan.

I was sort of surprised by his reaction, and made fun of him: 'You Japanese!' And his reply was even more startled.

'Thank you. I take that as a compliment.' 

Another thing is that we had a conversation about online social networks, such as Facebook and twitter, and how to use them to promote one's own products or ideas. Then I asked him if he had any idea how the Weibo (China's facebook or twitter and has billions of users) works. He simply replied with despise: 

'That Fake Twitter? I don't care. It's just a local network.'

How could you suggest a website with over1 billion users as a local social network? I started to rethink what I've seen and experience about people's attitudes and stereotypes of other nations during the recent 5 years. 

When I was studying in London, my flatmate, a Korean girl, once asked me with curiosity and discouragement, 'why is Taiwanese dislike South Korea? Did we do anything to upset you?'

Many of my Taiwanese friend in London shared the hostility towards people from China (not including HK and Macaw). 'They acted as your friends and became your enemies for interest.' 'I can't stand their sanitary condition.' 'Avoid talking politics, no matter how close you are.'

After the 311 devastating earthquake in Japan, Taiwan has been listed as the top one donor of all countries and is very proud of being 'a close and trustworthy friend of Japan'.

Let's review some simple facts of East Asia:

Taiwan, aka Republic of China, is a troubled nation state because it was colonised and modernised by Japan in the early 20th century and then taken over by the KMT government in exile from mainland China. 
Japan no doubt set a successful sample as the first modernised culture and economically developed country in East Asia. 
Both Taiwan and South Korea had been colonised by Japanese for more than 50 years.
South Korea has raised as a 'second Japan in Asia', showing the world that they're financially capable of change the world economy, with Samsung and LG.
As to the entertainment and show business, Japan has no doubt been the leader for years until South Korea endangered its status recently. But I reckon this should be discussed independently.*

Taiwan has rather intriguing and perplexing attitudes towards and relation with its neighbors, in many ways. It's not as politically powerful as China, not as financially influential as Japan, and not as ethnically proud as South Korea. The Taiwanese embrace Japan, and justify it with its postwar years ruled by the corrupted KMT government. Their education taught them that they are the legacy of Chinese culture, the real, authentic, not contaminated by the Communists. However, the recent years Taiwan seem not to be accepted as a real Chinese and constantly suffered from PRC's political prosecution and diplomatic boycott on its entrance into UN, WTO and other international organisation. It seems that either politically or culturally, Taiwan is not China, and they don't want to be just part of the communist nation. Because they're better, in the light of modernisation.

And speaking of the most modernised country in East Asia, Taiwan love Japan. Most Taiwanese, young or old, male or female, have a overwhelmingly positive impression on Japan, including its brand, technology, products, fashion, people, almost everything. People simply trust everything (and everyone) 'Made in Japan'. On the other hand, Taiwan has a rather suspicious attitude towards the burgeoning country and everything related to it. Further, it's likely that they hate China yet are not capable of doing anything against him, so we somehow swift our hostility from mighty China towards the 'once parallel (both politically and financially)' country--South Korea. For one thing, they replaced Taiwan's status in high-tech industry. For another, South Koreans share similarities on national pride, especially about sports.In other words, we can do nothing about China's bullying, but we can make South Korea an outlet for our unconscious our umbrage. For example, made-up news about how South Koreans government claims that Confucius is actually Korean, not Chinese.

* Japanese soap opera series, music and alike, along with its culture, are popular among mainland China, Taiwan and South Korea. It's rather interesting to see that most people listen to Japanese music, get crazy for the Japanese pop stars without speaking or reading Japanese. The same pattern applied to the South Korean show business culture of present days.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Dear friend

Witty words on a postcard, from a friend's friend:

We didn't come here to fit in.
We came here to be who we are.

We didn't come here to work.
We came here to live our dreams.

We didn't come here for the stuff.
We came here to love each other.

We didn't come here by accident.
We each came here with a purpose
that is uniquely our own.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Kings Of Convenience from Norway

Oh they're amazing! I feel I can get away with them. Let's hit on the road.

Monday, 2 May 2011

Her Morning Elegance by Oren Lavie

Her Morning Elegance   晨間優雅
Sun been down for days            出了好幾天的太陽
A pretty flower in a vase              瓶子裡美麗的花
A slipper by the fireplace            暖爐邊的拖鞋
A cello lying in its case               大提琴還躺在盒子裡
Soon she’s down the stairs                           輕快地她下了樓
Her morning elegance she wears               披上了晨間的優雅
The sound of water makes her dream        熱呼呼的蒸汽混雜著
Awoken by a cloud of steam                          水聲吵醒了她的夢
She pours a daydream in a cup                   她把白日夢倒進了杯子裡
A spoon of sugar sweetens up                    甜一點再一匙糖
And She fights for her life                         然後她穿上外套
As she puts on her coat                           為生活而戰
And she fights for her life on the train    在地鐵上為生活而戰
She looks at the rain                                 當大雨傾盆時
As it pours                                                   她望著雨
And she fights for her life                         她走進了店裡
As she goes in a store                             為生活而戰
With a thought she has caught               突然靈光一閃
By a thread                                                  有個想法
She pays for the bread                             她付了麵包錢
And She goes…                                        就離開了
Nobody knows                                          沒有人知道
Sun been down for days                                出了好幾天的太陽
A winter melody she plays                            她卻彈奏著冬天的曲子
The thunder makes her contemplate         轟隆雷聲讓她沈思了起來
She hears a noise behind the gate            她聽見大門後有些聲響
Perhaps a letter with a dove                        也許是鴿子捎來的信
Perhaps a stranger she could love            也許是個可以談場戀愛的 陌生人
And She fights for her life                         然後她穿上外套
(As she puts on her coat)                         為生活而戰
And she fights for her life on the train    在地鐵上為生活而戰
She looks at the rain                                 當大雨傾盆時
As it pours                                                   她望著雨
And she fights for her life                         然後為生活而戰
Where people are pleasently strange  這裡的人都親切的奇異
And counting the change                         算好了零錢
And She goes…                                        然後她就離開了
Nobody knows                                           沒有人知道
I found the song in many blogs in Chinese (and with translation as well) with surprise. For many this is a lovely bright tune with its simple lyrics and creative video and brisk melody, I find it sad nonetheless.  

How to build a lasting relationship?

It's a simple yet so easily forgotten truth.


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