Thursday, 17 March 2011

7th day
Bible says God created the world in 7 days, and now we see how human civilisation could be destroyed in 7 seconds, and torn down piece by piece.

As a close, both geographically or mentally, neighbor, we know how it feels when earthquake take place. It hurt a lot. The 921 earthquake. Yet this time it's even more disastrous than ever. With the following tsunami, nuclear blast and snow storming, we know not what it would become tomorrow, not any more. It's depressing I seem to be unable to do anything for you other than pray.

Be alright, be brave, hang in there, would you?

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Lady Daisy

Yes I need something (or someone) to light me up in a bloody gloomy day like this. And I don't even know the name of the breathtakingly beautiful lady until I read the blog Night Cat (yeah like the other fashion blog readers we read the pictures not the words or captions, and often we skip the titles) and google 'Lily Donaldson". A British supermodel.

This series Monsoon ad totally caught my eyes, with the greener grass, blooming flowers, cheerful sunshine and refreshing breeze. Hopefully the spring is on the way.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Miss Dior with Balloons

the 09's Miss Dior ad, still a classic!

I love this work! It makes my day every time I see it. As if I can taste the sweet scent from the cheerful girl. Lovely lovely.

Our royal friend the old movie theatres

Had another jolly weekend stuffed solidly with films. Thanks to Nanshan Theatre (湳山戲院) in Taipei, where offers 8 good films of great taste (the commercial Hollywood and some European) at a time at a low price (130 NTD, less than4 quid, and yes, 8 films), writing some comments about movies somehow became my weekly assignment.

So I did had a great time watching 5 on two weekends, I Am Love, Seasons of Witch, Paper Castle, The Next Three Days and one that I don't recall...Perhaps too much for 14 days. A weekend like this is truly satisfying.

Speaking of movie theatres, I personally prefer going to the theatre instead of downloading or watching online or DVDs from Blockbuster. I can't stand the lousy (and sometimes ridiculous) subtitle translation and I simply enjoy the atmosphere of sharing the emotional moment with some other. 

Yeah, Price is a thing. In Taiwan theatre like this sort is called 'Second Round', which means they're not as good as the chained theatres and play movies that are not the latest. It's the best choice for movie lovers or students who are unable to afford the pricey tickets (approximately equals to 2.5 McDonald meals). In this sense the sound effect might not be as good and the seats may be a bit shabby and without a place to put your cola and popcorn. Nonetheless, second round movie theatre remained quite popular in the past decades. Also, locations matter. Many situated around night markets or university campus. You can just spend the whole day in and out (yes you can go for a lunch nearby and get in for another movie later) with one ticket and a stamp on your left hand. Isn't it brilliant?

However theatres of this sort are closing down these days. The Big Century (大世紀), one of the memorable parts of my university life, was torn down years ago, for the builders' stupid expansion. I felt so nostalgia about it that I'd thought about placing some flowers on the site. I guess one of the reasons is  the whole economy development. People don't settle for 'acceptable', they want 'fine quality' if there's alternative. In other words, we'd rather pay more for better service or goods. It makes sense and it's probably a good thing. But the simple fact makes me wonder if Nanshan would be the last one stands, in Taipei. (So far there are 10 left in Taipei, and only 2 in downtown.)

Thanks to this lovely place, I find it utterly comfortable to go to the movies along and fully enjoy the afternoon hours of my own.

Jump Girl Jump

Found a unique photographer whose works focus on the moment of jumping (and her cat, from time to time), as if the time and space were frozen or solidified. I find Japan a rather interesting state and sometimes inconceivable people. I like them none the less.

Bad news keeps coming from Japan for more than a month. As well as touching stories in the disastrous days.

Fingers crossed for the kind people of this beautiful island. Jump, as if we could leave the sorrows behind.

Friday, 11 March 2011

500 Days of Summer

'This is not a love story. This is a story about love.'
Boy meets Girl. Boy falls in love.
Girl doesn't.

Joseph Gordon-LevittZooey Deschanel are definitely my favourite silver screen couple. I like the tempo and the costumes and the beautiful two certainly add a bit retro, vivid and classy flavour to the story. This is not another romance movie with a happy ending and happy couple deeply in love with each other. But it touches your heart, in a cheerful yet cruel way. 

The story is as simple as the tagline above truthfully says. Tom falls in love with Summer so deeply that he believes she's the one and they're made for each other. Summer likes Tom, however, she doesn't want anything serious. 

Tom: What happens if you fall in love?
Summer: Well, you don't believe that, do you?
Tom: It's love. It's not Santa Claus.

They date, have sex and she still think they're 'friends'. This totally drives Tom crazy. 

Summer: We're just friends. 
Tom: No! Don't pull that with me! Kissing in the copy room? Holding hands in IKEA? Shower sex? Come on! Friends my balls! 

the theme tune 'sweet disposition' by Temper Trap, absolutely lovely

How do you know if she/he is the right one? 

There are some still believe in love-at-the-first-sight and that butterflies in the stomach like Tom does. And there are another some down to earth and pragmatic Summer, enjoy love, being loved, rather than in a relationship. There's noting right or wrong about it. 

A couple of my girlfriends had a discussion about it. One believes in timing: right time, right place and the right one. Another says a relationship needs a trigger, such as an event which brings the two into a couple. Or, perhaps it's simply because you haven't met the right one, yet?

It's complicated as always. You need not reasons to fall in love or stay soberly clam detached. It's love. It doesn't make sense.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

So cliche so desperate

Leap year is an old-fashioned narrative of romance : American woman in pursuit of love, an ideal proposal from her boyfriend (a pragmatic businessman, typical American) and an Irish guy who hates wedding and commitment and all sort of bullshit.

It's so cliche that you need not to expect any surprise, it has everything essential in all the classic romantic movies, such as the quarrels (often on the basis of despising each others' belief in love), affectionate gaze, an unexpected yet forced-by-the-crowd kissing scene and that kind of stuff.

Eventually they fall in love. And thus followed by proposal and marriage.

Without a doubt that's a happy ending that everyone long for, sometimes very desperately. So, honestly I'm among one of the audience, from the button of my heart, still feels touched by the cliche wedding vow:

May you never steal, lie, or cheat, 
but if you must steal, then steal away my sorrows, 
and if you must lie, lie with me all the nights of my life, 
and if you must cheat, then please cheat death 
because I couldn't live a day without you.

and the happy ending, off course.

Cheers, dear all.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Thank you dear all



買你 Buy yours

作詞:魏如萱 作曲:魏如萱

你總是說 我想回家 然後轉身 淡淡的笑  你總是說 好累好忙 什麼時候 我們可以聊一聊

you always say that I'm going home, and then turn, with a weak smile
you always say that I'm buzzy and exhausted 
When could we have a chitchat

 ㄟ 可不可以買你的不快樂
Hey can I buy your unhappiness

只是想陪你吃飯 看你笑笑 聽你最近 好不好

Just wanna dine with you, see your smile, know if you're doing good

ㄟ 可不可以買你的不快樂

Hey can I buy your unhappiness

我們一起坐車 一起散步 一起看電影 好不好
Shall we take the bus, go for a walk, or a movie, together?

你都不說 都不理我 然後轉身 淡淡的笑  你總問我 你還好嗎 什麼時候 我們可以變更好

You didn't answer. You said nothing. And you turned with a smile.
You always ask that, when could we be more than friend?

ㄟ 可不可以買你一個鐘頭 只是想關心你呀 要你知道 還有我在 好不好

Hey can I buy you an hour? Just wanna let you know that I care
Just wanna let you know that I'll be there for you

ㄟ 可不可以買你的不快樂我們一起唱歌 一起牽手 一起聽音樂

Hey can I buy your unhappiness
Shall we sing, hand in hand, to the music, together?

ㄟ 可不可以買你一個鐘頭 只是想關心你呀 要你知道 還有我在 好不好ㄟ

 可不可以買你的不快樂我們一起唱歌 一起牽手 一起聽音樂 好不好

把你的 不快樂 賣給我 然後抱一下 好不好

Sell your unhappiness to me, and have a hug, shall we?


Friday, 4 March 2011

don't make me

Dear Mr. Colleague,

I don't give a shit about what you actually do during work, please do your job in time.

a simple fact

So true. Isn't it?

Picture from: VARNISH

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Castillos de cartón, love for three, sex for all

'paper castles' in English,
It's a story of the threesome, love, sex and friendship, art, philosophy and inspiration. The art student Jose (the beautiful girl), Jaimie (a talented art student) and Marcos (good-looking, Mr. Charming) started this unusual relationship after Jaimie found Jose fancies Marcos and then set up the threesome sex.

Marcos was impotent. Jose was frigid, feeling confused and embarrassed about their relations. But eventually Jaimie persuaded her to join the game, purely for lust. Gradually they found themselves are not merely sex partners, they're reliant upon each other in every way. They're the best friends in class, the best partners in bed, and passionately sympathetic to each other as artists.

How would ordinary people like us ever understand a threesome relationship of sex and love? Probably never will. But that doesn't matter at all. We feel the confusion, desire, solicitude, betrayal, rebellion and all sorts of uneasy, unsettling sensation. These do not necessarily come from threesome sex, they're universal. Salvador Garcia Ruiz the director does not even try to reason with his audience whether it's right or wrong. He simply paints a beautiful work and let your emotion lead you wherever it goes.

Three, is a magical number here. Three create an unbreakable structure which made one seems lonely and two appeared to be unbalanced. The three thus are interdependent and indivisible. Threesome consummates.

The three sitting, lying on the bed, standing in front of the canvas in the class, naked in the shower, entering the hallway of Jose's house (metaphor of vagina). All the scenes are perfectly balanced with the threesome, while the relationship inevitably generates a unstable tension as well as reliance among them.

The film no doubt is an art: the flow, the colour, the layout. Brilliant!

Honestly I've never seen any film with so many erotic scene yet does not seem to be pornographic at all. I'd say it's picturesque. Well painted.

It's breathtakingly beautiful.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011


I'm doing the project budget right now and the number's driving me crazy. Puff. That's why I study history.

Adéu, Barcelona!

a way to farewell the city you love, hmmm

A English girl I met in Hualian once said that she's glad that London didn't keep me off the UK. Well, he probably not as lovely, cheerful, sunny as Barcelona, a bit morbid, quirky, sort of old-school, to be honest. Still, I love him and long for another journey with him.


This is a photo taken near Great Dover Street, Elephants and Castles, London. Two years ago.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

The three-day weekend

Dear Friend,

It could be quite easy to sum up this three-day holiday weekend. Satisfying and consequently depressing.

Had a birthday party Friday night, hangover Saturday morning, a Sunday invigilation, earned 3000, an extra morning to sleep late and spent the rest with movies, lots of movies.

I feel unconsciously happy in the birthday party and so touched by everything you've done for me. Lots of old friends and new ones coming, the cake, hugs and kisses, gifts and cards, drinking and dancing. I was surrounded by friends, at bar or in the club. Strangely I felt sad after the bash.

The following three days I felt a great deal of selfish solicitude for my conscious solitariness. It could be the overwhelming happiness that came over me, so consummate that it consumed the residual warmth.

You mentioned the postcards I sent when traveling alone. "Table for one, please'. Hopefully it would probably become a fashion. Dining alone, drinking alone, dancing alone. Traveling alone in this sense would not be so antisocial.

We're single, proudly and with dignity.

I listened 11 times of Matthew Perryman Jones's "Amelia".


 Amazing photos taken by Chrostian Stoll

The world we're living is changing in an unimaginable way, physically speaking. So is art, culture, literature, and many things that we used to take for granted. I see a senselessness derived from the high reliance on technology and the comfortable numb with convenience of modern metropolitan life from Stoll's work. As if we're safe and satisfying living in a gigantic machinery. 

How clam, how cruel, how callous. And so true.

Golden Horse Fantastic Film Fest - Here we go again

Here we go again.

A dear friend said that the schedule of those annual film fest and art events and that sort of culture thing is the way she counts the day. What a lifestyle.

I'm with you, dear.


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