Thursday, 19 August 2010

A Taste of London would be just enough

This exactly what I need for the summer: detective series, a little bit thriller style, and a great deal of  the life of Londoners.

My sister found online (indeed you can find everything online thousands miles away, legally or not) the latest  the BBC one series of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson's Adventure in the 21st century London and told me with pretension that she's 'absolutely gonna love it'.

Well, sort of. I was indeed excited by their typical Londoner's life and the yearning English accent and the adaption of the classic detective works of all time at the first sight. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson in modern London would definitely be a very intriguing topic. Yet the 21st century Holmes seemed not as omnipotent as the Victorian one. Also, the inference and the logic of the story is not as brilliant either. The comparison between the Victorian Holmes and the contemporary adventure is fun in many ways. The 221b Baker Street and its interior remained Victorian style and classic British (and messy as well), Holmes and Dr. Watson dress coat and wear scarf and talk and behave in a typical English gentlemen's manner, you won't even aware it's 21st century until iPhone rang. Yet the Scotland Yard was turned into a whole new ugly skyscraper and some of their clients became bankers (new vocation since the early 20th century). Anyway, you'll find lots of stories from the adaption and how the director interpret the new (and a bit high-tech) adventure.

It's a good series no matter what.
But I miss everything in London, and this explains everything.

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