Thursday, 3 March 2011

Castillos de cartón, love for three, sex for all

'paper castles' in English,
It's a story of the threesome, love, sex and friendship, art, philosophy and inspiration. The art student Jose (the beautiful girl), Jaimie (a talented art student) and Marcos (good-looking, Mr. Charming) started this unusual relationship after Jaimie found Jose fancies Marcos and then set up the threesome sex.

Marcos was impotent. Jose was frigid, feeling confused and embarrassed about their relations. But eventually Jaimie persuaded her to join the game, purely for lust. Gradually they found themselves are not merely sex partners, they're reliant upon each other in every way. They're the best friends in class, the best partners in bed, and passionately sympathetic to each other as artists.

How would ordinary people like us ever understand a threesome relationship of sex and love? Probably never will. But that doesn't matter at all. We feel the confusion, desire, solicitude, betrayal, rebellion and all sorts of uneasy, unsettling sensation. These do not necessarily come from threesome sex, they're universal. Salvador Garcia Ruiz the director does not even try to reason with his audience whether it's right or wrong. He simply paints a beautiful work and let your emotion lead you wherever it goes.

Three, is a magical number here. Three create an unbreakable structure which made one seems lonely and two appeared to be unbalanced. The three thus are interdependent and indivisible. Threesome consummates.

The three sitting, lying on the bed, standing in front of the canvas in the class, naked in the shower, entering the hallway of Jose's house (metaphor of vagina). All the scenes are perfectly balanced with the threesome, while the relationship inevitably generates a unstable tension as well as reliance among them.

The film no doubt is an art: the flow, the colour, the layout. Brilliant!

Honestly I've never seen any film with so many erotic scene yet does not seem to be pornographic at all. I'd say it's picturesque. Well painted.

It's breathtakingly beautiful.

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