Sunday, 8 September 2013

those people

I find it hard to get along with people full of hateful thoughts.

In the old days, these negative messages could be invisible. But now we have all the social networking you could find and get connected and say whatever you want. Those are like the rain and water in the typhoon days. Enough is enough. Too much means you should stop doing it.

There are specifically two of my Facebook friends who have the predilection of sharing their hateful messages online. I am not sure if they have good lives in reality but it seems like that their family, the society and the world own them quite a lot. One of them is struggling between marriage and career. To put it in a straightforward way, she's getting married and is anxious about giving up the her plan of advanced study abroad. The other is a university librarian who thinks all his colleagues are idiots and hates the university he worked for.

In a way, they made me think. On the one hand I feel sorry for them. Some just cannot find a way to get over the tiny little shits in life and seem to live painfully yet peacefully in a mess they created and carefully maintained. Indeed that's a way of life. Therefore I respect it 100% even though I'm totally against it. They're teenagers. They blame everything because they are not the ones who make the rules. Yet they're actually the ones who avoid making the choice. They'll never get to be blamed for in this way. How convenient.

However I relate to them in many other ways.

The world has been telling us the line between being winners and losers and you are yourself the one to be blamed for if you're not successful. I supposed we are in this sense all losers.

The entire theory is confusing to me. I've always known that I don't fancy money or fame therefore I don't fit in the categories they established. I supposed it's also a way to get away from the system out there. In this light I am not noble at all. I am obsessed with something particular like everyone else. Pursuing the goal of being elegantly wise, modestly intelligent and humbly eloquent is also a vanity, needless to say.

Someday I might be part of it. Still, the process of becoming a integral part of it is a consciously done, disagreeably felt.

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