Monday, 25 June 2012


I am just grumbling. 

There's a fine line between perseverance and obduracy.
 And apparently I live in the confusion of the two. by Yi

Studying for GRE is a total nightmare. When I started to memorize the vocabulary by sorting and collecting all the related ones, I actually thought it was fun. It's a bit quirky but I do enjoy learning new vocabulary and I take this as a good chance to learn English in a new light. But then here comes the real test. I felt so despondent after failing series of questions...

I feel like I am back in the 18-years-old days, but in a miserable way. That was the days when I spend more than 8 hours in the class, another 8 hours on taking all kinds of exams and tests. It's painful, hideous and becoming daily grind.

It's ironic that the first vocabulary on the GRE word book is "ABANDON". I am on the edge of giving it up every day. But somehow I manage to get myself back in to the game. No one says life's easy. 

I am obdurate in many ways. I chose to take GRE, study oversea European history, and, apply for a PhD regardless of my diffidence of ability and uncertainty of the prospect of future academic life.

Great, now I'm applying the GRE vocabulary in my writing! How good is that! Now I see why there are so many blogs and sites about personal experience of preparing GRE. It takes so much effort and cause so much frustration that it becomes indelible in one's life. 

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