Wednesday, 3 February 2010

10 days after

I don't want to fill my blog with shitty things about my boss and my work. But if this is my life and there's nothing left (no cute guys nor pleasant scenery nor interesting musicals or performance) This, I hope, would be the second as well as the last one.

After ten days trying to sort out a means to get along with my boss, I realised that there's something never changes: personality. She's not evil. It's just that she is utterly incapable of being sympathetic to others, and constantly egocentric without self-awareness. That's all. (WOW, sounds like my ex, but he's not as evil though)

Details skipped. Sometimes I can't help but wonder if the problem is not her but me. Is is because that I stay in the Ivory tower too long that I am overly protected by everyone around me? Am I that vulnerable to the reality and the society? In the old days, well like my parent's 20s or 30s, people were so used to work overtime without pay and obey their boss no matter how unreasonable it was. It's different now. Probably the rising human rights and that sort of things refute it or it simply because time changes.

Time changes and so do values. Values of working moral, hierarchy and so on.

Sometimes it has nothing to do with working overtime and not being paid. It's about being respected or not.

It's somewhere near the place I lived in London. Oh, I miss London.

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