Tuesday, 23 February 2010

motorcycle to work

You can't get around in Xin Zhu without a car or motorcycle. The mass transportation in this city, or I should say, little town, is intolerably shabby. There are only two route bus passing by the Uni I work at, and there's no such thing as Metro in Taipei or Tube in London. Therefore most college students or people who can't afford a car would chose the later one. The roads are filled with cars and an incredible amount of motorcycles, which is indeed a spectacle to a foreigner. Basically, Xin Zhu is, like any other cities in Taiwan, a motorcycle-based city in terms of its transportation development.

I am so used to living in a convenient like Taipei or London that I felt like as if I am disabled in the first few weeks in Xin Zhu. When I studied in the Uni, I lived in the campus, literally, and constantly take subway to get around Taipei. In London, where has one of the best mass transportation in the world, I used to walk and take bus or tube. This is also why I don't have any driver's licence until last week. To me, it is totally outrageous that in some places of Xin Zhu (and my hometown Taichung as well) there's no pedestrian at all. How do people survive?

It looks like that they adjust it rather well. And I have to be one of them no matter what.

If I walk to the Uni to work, I need to pass at least three interchanges (to highway) without any crosswalk. I tried twice and gave up. I took the exam and got my ever first licence--motorcyclist licence and began commuting by motorcycle. Unfortunately (or, I should say, fortunatly), my first ride in Xin Zhu was a disaster, though a minor one. Apparently I was too nervous to keep the balance and fall on the road. Not a single person was hurt, fortunately.

I was a walking disaster and now I became a 'running disaster', if I am on the motorcycle.
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