Wednesday, 3 February 2010

First Job

There are always angels around me in my life, either in London or the Uni days in Taipei. But this time's different. My boss, a recently promoted female associate professor, is a pretty young lady (or, as James said, 'a babe') but she's actually not as sweet to her employee.

I arrived at the airport at 22 Jan night, then my family picked me up and drove me to Xing Zhu in the midnight, because my boss asked me to start to work the next morning. The workload (translating a book from Chinese to English) is overwhelmingly heavy. That is also why I was willing to start to do it when I was in London, few days before my flight. Yet there's still a lot left. I have to work overtime everyday and night to catch up with her 'deadline'. When I almost finished half of the book translation, she said she'll start to pay me from 1 Feb, which means everything I did was not paid at all. Because of some 'bureaucratic issues'. She said it 'makes sense' because there's going to be a 9 days Chinese New Year's break in mid Feb, which is her way of 'making up' my 10 days hard work. And the monthly payment turned out to be less than it said on the website, because of some 'misunderstanding'.

Everyone told me to quit while my family want me to tolerate it, which is quite Asian way to deal with thing of this kind. It's a critical time, it's really lucky to have a job, they said.

I did neither anyway.

Indeed I did bear it for the first two days. That sucks. As if I have no choice but to do whatever she asked. In the fourth day I negotiated with her and we sort it out in a complicated way. At least I got paid. The amount of payment's fixed, so there's noting I can do about it. All right I'll stay, just for a while.

I started job hunting again on the third day of the first work. That's quite a good beginning. I hate working.

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