Friday, 29 April 2011

the Royal Wedding

Queen Elisabeth II and Prince Philip 

To a non-European foreigner like myself, Royal family is mysterious and fascinating. 

Chinese royal family was overthrown and beheaded with the dynasty a century ago. Republic of China was built and then was then replaced by Mao's People's Republic of China. For decades, the exiled royal family of Manchu people had been a forbidden issue and power balance among various ethnicity was one of the chief reason for the modern turbulence. 

Taiwan is still having a hard time establish its international status as a nation-state. To the Chinese people, royal family has somehow became a western fantasy or fairy tale, especially for European countries.

What does the British Royal family mean to the British? The answer definitely changes over time. But the meaning of wedding, royal or civilian, symbolise beauty, love and hope for new generation. That's eternal.

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