Monday, 11 April 2011

Thank you Beer, Film fest and Rock'n'Roll

2010 was crazy year. I started my first job the very next day after landing in Taiwan. Translated a book from Chinese to English in 20 days. Quited the shitty job and left the maniac boss two months later.

Went to the 2010 Spring Scream and officially started this crazy year.

And the rest of the year was filled with gigs, films, restlessly meeting old friends, getting to know new ones. I spent many of the weekends with my family as well, which was something different from my university life in Taipei. And I fully enjoy it. It's truly relaxing when I'm with my family and old university friends. 

Two nights in night clubs. Several in bars chatting with dear friends. Some weekends with beloved family and some spending on 'getting along with myself'. 

This magnificent year somehow became the best days of my life ever. I feel like I started to live in a different way and think in a whole new light. Everything is worth trying and nothing is impossible. 

And the 2011 spring I made an end with the Spring Scream and Golden Horse Film Fest. I'm thankful to my brilliant research partners and great professors. They remind me of what lies ahead and it's time to move on.

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