Sunday, 5 April 2009

this week

Nothing special happened this week. That's why I did not record anything interesting recently.

The thing is that, actually nothing 'happy' happened last week. I had a headache on last Sunday. My stuff was stolen in British Library on Monday. The tutor who supposed to have a meeting with me didn't show up  on Tuesday. Then I got cold, a different one, on Wednesday. I kept coughing for three days.

I always think that 'everything will be fine tomorrow' but it turned out to be worse during this week. This was especially hard in the first week without courses, without those familiar faces around. I went to the British Library for studying in the first day but then it became a place where reminds me of the miserable past in the locker room. Gosh! I hate those lockers.

Perhaps one thing satisfying is Ian Mcbride had my essay passed. I know very well that was completely trash so I felt gratitude to him for saving my life. Another thing is, after going through all those bloody miserable things, I found myself braver than I used to be.

Life sucks. But I move on. I stayed in the libraries for the following days and kept studying. Two meetings with the professors were done, two outlines for the term courses were written, more than four books were brosed and summarised. 
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