Wednesday, 18 November 2009

My collection

The London government have advocated using shopping bags instead of plastic ones for quite a while, therefore there are many stores selling shopping bags of these kind. They are made of various materials such as plastic, cotton or nylon. I prefer the cotton ones. I was thinking to buy a 'book bag' for daily use (going to lib) at first, so I bought my very first one in Senate House Library for 2 quid. It became fun to collect cotton shopping bags. I look for it, usually of local feature, whenever I travel. These are kinda 'collection of the poor', comparing to antiques or paintings. They're often around 2 or 3 quid. Bags beyond 4 quid always make me hesitate.

I own 6 at the moment: upper from left: London Design Fest, Oxford (Alice in Wonderland) and Stratford-Upon-Avon (Shakespeare);  lower from left: York Minster, Oxfam (a charity shop) and Senate House Library。

因為提倡環保的關係,我發現倫敦很多地方和店面都有販賣各式各樣的購物袋,材質各有不同,布織布、尼龍、棉布,要價通常不高。一開始我只是想要一個裝書本跑圖書館的袋子,所以買了senate house lib的兩鎊書袋(下排右),之後發現收藏這一類袋子也滿有趣的,乾脆就開始每到一個地方,就看看有沒有當地特色的購物棉袋。

這應該算是窮人的收藏品吧,兩鎊三鎊的購物袋,高於四磅的通常會讓我猶豫很久。我目前有六個,分別購於:London design festival, Oxford, Stratford-Upon-Avon, York Minster, Oxfam and Senate House Library。
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