Thursday, 20 January 2011

when someone taught me to hate the world

I'm so fucking angry that I've got to crash the god damn pigs!! 囧
Hmm, a very sensational title. This dear friend of mine hates his life, his job, apparently his boss and the world as well. I found it difficult to understand how much negative emotion one can generate and live with it. So we had a talk and I get to know a little bit better his logic and this way of life and attitude towards everything. I guess I can never be a dedicated anti-socialist or can never simply blame a certain person for the wrong. I'm taught and trained to be 'self-reflective', a very Asian way to be an educated and enlightened. It's been to long to change.

But psychoanalytically it's necessary to know yourself, the id. Therefore we decide to have a competition on writing essay to express how much we (hmm, obviously I'm still learning) hate the society and the world.

Fortunately he did not teach me how to make a boom.

Alright, my first letter of hatred practice will be dedicated to my beloved ex-coworker.


njmimi said...

I have to say that I love playing Angry

Yi said...

I love them as well! So cute


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