Thursday, 27 January 2011

Those Beautiful Blogs

I love fashion, or, precisely speaking, I love beautiful things. To me, fashion is not as shallow or can be defined or known by some famous names such as Louis Vuitton, Dolce&Gabbana or Marc Jacob.

the Parisians
'Fashion' means differently to people from different culture or cities. I would say the Parisians may live in fashion, having no difficulty treating high fashion as part of their life. The Milanese and Italian love play with the colours and textures, so they create a beautiful scenery with their historical ruins and chapels. And the English simply live in the past, they honour their history with their distinguished taste of style.

a cheerful lady from Melbourne
Fashion therefore is not just famous brands and skinny models wearing bizarre clothes. It's a lifestyle, carefree and confidant. It's an way to present how you regard yourself and your life, which mostly likely reflects one's own history.

Therefore it's sometimes not easy for the Chinese people or Taiwanese to create their own fashion.  Obviously the modernisation and westernisation plays a potent role on the process of forging our own identity, which has been problematic for decades.

However we're not alone. We''ve been confronted with the awkward situation of the East meets the West, like many other places around the world. Either moulding a people's fashion or identity is not as quick as writing a blog or history book.

Either fashion or a rather complicated and sophisticated issue such as identity are part of daily life, it deserves some attention, and it'd better be unbiased and open minded.

(photos from the Satorialist)

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