Monday, 24 January 2011

Three Idiots!

"Definitely a unmissable film of the year! You'll have a whole new idea of Bollywood!"

This would probably be the best movie I’ve watched in the past 5 years.
For a very long time that people have forgotten the reasons they went to the movies in the first place, yet Three Idiots reminds me of the best thing in theatre: to be touched. Yes, we audience of the 21st century are gradually spoiled to expect that a qualified ‘good movie’ to be funny, inspiring, touching and as well as to have everything ostentatiously fantastic, such as fancy sound effect or 3D spectacle or renowned director or pretty cast. Otherwise one may rather watch online. It’s a purely sad truth that today we consider all the factors above before we walk into the cinema.

Three Idiots is a successful film in many ways. The director is undoubtedly an apt story teller. And, I’ll save the rest till it’s off the theatre.

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