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My family had our photo taken last November. That was nothing traditional, in terms of the Chang would usually do. My mom was rather reluctant when my sister Tiffany came up with the idea. But it all went well in the end.

2012 was a tough year for nearly all of us. The extended family had troubles relating to properties and a long time harmony among the relatives now looks hypocrite. Things became tricker now. I was not sure about how this lunar New Year would be like. Things are simply not the same any more.

My brother's work has ups and downs. My application was going very well. No specific idea for my proposal so far. My parents' business, thanks to the aftermath of 08's financial crisis, reclined in a way that they could have imagined. Tiff's happy in her new relationship with this Japanese guy she met in Canada, they're now in Australia doing the working holiday things yet she cannot deny the uncertainty  for them is so high that neither of them could be sure for nothing.

No one is sure what would come next. But we survive anyway. This photo somehow reminds us that we still have each other. Till the end of the world.
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