Wednesday, 20 February 2013

十年一課 A Decade

I've talked about my brother's trouble relationship with a girl with a close friend. My brother and I are close and he sees me as an advisor and share with me nearly everything in his life, even though I'm rather inexperience when it comes to relationships.

My brother has some qualities that, I'd say, make him a really nice guy to settle down with, such as responsible, caring, truthful and dutiful to family. Yet nobody's perfect. He's turned weak in the face of the girl he loves. And she's undecided.

My friend and I tried to analyzed it and provide solutions in many ways. We suggested him that perhaps they should take it slow and cool down a bit. Perhaps she needs timing to rethink your relationship and your role in it. blablabla...

But it turned out that he's known it very well. He tried, failed, pondered, compromised, got tired, and, helplessly fell in love again. There's seem to be nothing I could do other than listening.

'Do you wanna meet the girl? Perhaps you could get to know more about her.'

I have no intention to meet the girl or interfere anything. That's his life. That's something he has to go through. If it hurts and it takes him time to get over it, so be it.

Mine took me 10 years. A decade to learn to know myself. And love. That's just inevitable.


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