Friday, 22 February 2013

House of Cards (2013-)

I've never written anything about American TV series before despite I've watched a lot (maybe too many to name it). This one is different. It blows my mind away. Brilliant. I think everyone should watch it.

Many of the series I've watched are about crimes or murder cases, such as CSI, Mentalist, NCIS, Castle and so on. I watched it for two main reasons: Kevin Spacey and the adaptation from BBC. Those two basically guarantee the quality. I've always been curious about parliamentary stuff. I didn't expect anything before I watched it and it struck me in many ways with regard to the nature and reality of politics.

It says a stories about a mastermind politician Francis Underwood and his game of power. It's always an enjoyment to watch how he plotted his delicate scheme and pull the strings to work magic. Politics is not about governance of a country, it's all about power. Yes it's a society of democracy and everyone have his or her say, but if you believe in everyone's part of the game? Think again.

People were used to be ruled by kings and queens and aristocracy centuries ago and many believe that revolutions, wars and reforms of bills have changed the rules of the game and we can finally have the right back. But the truth is, we remained ruled by the few, those who know the rule and play it well.

So you could see how Francis plays, his sophistry, his tricks, and how he juggles and controls everyone and everything. It's a bit sad, to be honest, when thinking of the fact that the ideal and faith every politician actually worth nothing in the face of power struggling. The desire to win and the ambition to take control prevail.

I'm curious what it leads us next.
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