Tuesday, 8 February 2011


Brilliant books, fine tea, great music.
That's all for the afternoon.

And that's the best way to spend a day.

Wake up in the morning and find that I can still stay in bed until it's time to get up. Have a luxurious breakfast, and tidy things up, preparing for the day to start, in a jolly good mood.

Pick up a book on the shelf, play the light music, wear my favourite perfume, and make a cup of tea.

Start reading.

Pause while getting something in mind, writing them down on my blog.

Then it's time for lunch. Hop on my motorcycle I head for the pizza shop near the uni. Because pizza's the first thing comes to my mind just now. While waiting for my lunch, I visited a bookstore nearby, bought a book that I've always wanted to read.

Home. Have the tasty smoky cheese 8 inches pizza with tea. As usual, tea's perfect for every cuisine, pizza's no exception. Then get back to the reading again. Util it's night.

How wonderful.
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