Friday, 25 February 2011

Those Beautiful Blogs - VARNISH

VARNISH, a beautiful blog on interior design, taste and 
This is one of the beautiful blogs I'm following. Once again I was fascinated by the playful colour and elegance of the interior design.

My father was an interior designer. Honestly speaking, he's not a successful one and he sort of gave up the business years ago. He isn't always a person of taste and not quite enjoy or proud of his career.

When I was little, I've shown great interest in painting, art and thus went for the art programme in a secondary school. My father always thinks it's a family thing, inherited from him. Yet on the other hand he doesn't reckon it a good idea to pass down his business. When I told him that I'm gonna study interior design in the university and be a designer millions times better than him, he simply said it won't work out. No renowned unis here Taiwan. Arts students often are considered as those who don't study and favour painting. No good future. Interior design is not as popular and well-recognised in Taiwan. People go to IKEA and B&Q or the furniture wholesale warehouse. I didn't like the idea that he blamed the entire society for his failure.

He speaks part of the truth somehow. Perhaps it's good that both of us didn't take it seriously in the end. I am not a interior designer and do not work in the loop.

Gradually, sadly I seem to lose the ability of doodling.

I love art and culture nonetheless.

Find it in another blog, artists rock!!


njmimi said...

you can still doodle in your leisure time :)

I found this illustrator's blog yesterday. Share with you

Yi said...

Oh this is not doodling! It's professional illustrating! I watched a film yesterday, I might just pick up my paintbrush when I get back to Taichung...


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