Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Is there Taiwan Fashion?

From a Taiwanese online shop,
quite typical
I love wandering around those beautiful fashion blogs and sites, reading beautiful people and their clothing on catwalk or street. But I simply can't stand the idea of posing my photos online as many fashion bloggers or the LOOKBOOK users would do.
I love watching people, reading their looks nonetheless.

Off course the style differs from city to city. But it'd be tricky to suggest there's something as 'Taiwanese Fashion'. The way Taiwan people dress and the street style is very much a mixture of a little bit of Japanese, a little bit of Korean and the American.

The three are very much distinctive, take the female fashion as an example: the Japanese tries so hard to look youthful, cheerful and cute; the Korean is rather westernised, more sophisticated and its clothing stresses on the structure, while the so-called American is casual, jeans and T-shirt are essential, just like the university campus wear in any Hollywood movie.

Apparently the style and related dressing code in the first place comes from the climate and the culture. And Taiwan

Taiwan is so much under the influence of the East Asian culture that makes it somehow lose what it supposed to be like. I mean, there should be sort of style called Taiwanese fashion which suits it unique oceanic culture and fickle semi-tropical climate, instead of just mixing the fashion of Japan and Korea.

And the idea of high street fashion and daily dressing up remains new to many who do not care. Financial development is certainly another element of whether a city is eligible to be stylish. I'd say those developed and modern cities who have gone through prosperous economic growth and a couple of downturns would probably to cultivate their own styles. And Taiwan is still young in this light.

Fashion changes, yet style and cultures grow through a significant process of intricate accumulation. And that's how it become classic. And it's often irreplaceable.

I like her look, simplicity and classy,
so cheerful and carefree

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