Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Social Network, making friends, and so on

David Fincher is undoubtedly an excellent story teller. Mark Zuckerburg is a typical unsociable computer geek, absolutely bright, yet having difficulties dating girls and his university life can be anything but interesting. However, he created a social networking website called Facebook, and that changes everything.

The story is rather simply: the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerburg is in two law suits against his university friend, as well as the co-founder of Facebook, Saverin, and the Harvard students, and how the Facebook got the brilliant ideas and became how it looks now.

Social Network is popular for many understandable reasons, one of which is the irresistible American Dream. Everyone wants to be somebody while the reality is that they might end up to be nobody and often become cynical, sarcastic to others. Mark goes to Harvard, which proved him not so ordinary, still, the Harvard game of genius is played by those of on the top of the hierarchy, aka the brotherhood and sinewy guys of the university sport team.

Still, he's the one having trouble getting girl friends and admission into the brotherhood and everything related to be popular.

Part of Mark longs for more friends, being popular while part of him he despise the rules of the society. Thus he creates it. the Facebook. It's a social network so powerful that has changed the way people make friends and share their life online.

Now he's the King of the 500 millions kingdom of social network. And he seemed to rule the world the way he like. As the movie poster suggested, success is followed by the consequent betrayal by friends and lawsuits against those who claimed their ideas are the prototype of Facebook.

Somehow Mark is confused yet wanted to escape from the much more complicated world of business to the simple word of coding. That what he finds real. Therefore he seem to care nothing at all.

Not fame, not fortune, not career, not the brotherhood, not his ex-friends who is now suiting against him, not the number of friends on his Facebook. Only coding and building the ideal virtual world he fancies seem to be the real thing which prove his value in the world. He had proven himself that he can live rather well in this way. Though he's harsh to everyone else.

As a sympathetic lawyer assistant of the firm said to Mark,
'You're not an ass hole, you're just trying so hard to be.'


黃愛玲 said...

I like this review. It makes me want to watch the movie now.

=0! I know. I still haven't! (hides in shame)

Yi said...

Hey thank you :) Do you love in Taipei? And...you're not Irish, aren't you? LOL

黃愛玲 said...

I only visit Taipei right now. Although, my husband is finding a job. My husband is Taiwanese and I am indeed Irish. ;o)


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