Monday, 14 February 2011

An Education

First love is usually admiration, worshiping the one who show you the world.

1960s England. Jenny is a clever and pretty16 year-old A-level public school student, preparing the application for Oxford, which her parents and teachers expected. She's the only child in her middle class family and the smartest student in the school. She works hard, especially in Latin, she loves French chanson, playing Cello, and is getting ready for her prosperous university life, until she met David. To Jenny, David is a wonderful yet breakable sweet dream, everything she had longed for. He takes her to a 'real classical music concert', fancy restaurants, auctions of Pre-Raphael paintings, even Paris, her city of dream.

But she soon found out that she had to carefully protect the dream in order to live in it. And it turns to ugly nightmare along with every little fib she made with David. She happily led the sweet dream made up of lies and even began to doubt the life she had and the supposed future of hers. Is it absolutely necessary to go for an Oxford education if she can enjoy everything she wants when she's with David?

Sometimes it's easier to live in the dream. We were once 16 year-old native girls and boys who believed what we've seen and thought it as reality, no matter it's beautiful or ugly, fancy posh life of the celebs or boring routine chores.

Let's just say an education of life ever ends. It takes pains to grow up. A lot.

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